Geolocation Impossible Journey Action

The Geolocation Impossible Journey Action gives the ability to an admin to configure additional measures when a user attempts to login after making an impossible journey. For example, a user is located in Sweden and uses an authenticator to login. After two hours the same user is trying to login from Singapore. If we assume that a user cannot travel with a speed higher than 250Km/h as a default value, then this journey is impossible to happen within two hours, indicating that this second attempt to login might seem suspicious.


The configuration of the Geolocation Impossible Journey action accepts the following parameters:

Configuration Mandatory Description
bucket Yes The bucket to store the location of the user.
impossible-journey-action-attribute-name No The name of the attribute that will be potentially used from a following action. Default value is requireSecondFactor.
impossible-journey-action-attribute-location No The location for the above attribute. Default value is subject-attributes.
speed-in-kmh-for-impossible-journey-calculations No The speed that can dictate if a journey is impossible (km/h). Default is 250 km/h.

Fig. 102 Impossible Journey Action Configuration Dialog