Open Banking
and Financial-grade APIs

Adapt to regulatory and customer demands for greater access to sensitive data and greater protection for that same data.

OAauth and OpenID Connect
Strengthen API security and reduce risk

Strengthen API Security and Reduce Risk

Open banking means financial institutions need to secure the exchange of data and banking applications to third-parties such as fintech vendors and other partners. It comes with a legal requirement to protect customer data privacy and show evidence of customer consent.

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Seamless, Simple, and Secure User Access

Global regulatory initiatives such as the second EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) seek to ensure consumer choice and boost competition across the banking and financial services sector. Securing user access and facilitating the secure exchange of data requires robust authentication methods that comply with the regulation.

Seamless, simple, and secure user access
Financial-grade security, not just for banks

Financial-grade Security, Not Just for Banks

Curity provides banking-grade security and authorization you can trust using OAuth and OpenID Connect authentication protocols and robust security features such as OpenID Financial Grade API (FAPI), and Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA), Pushed Authorization Requests (PAR).

How to Implement Financial-Grade Security
Protect high-value data with banking-grade secure login

Protect high-value data

Securely exchange data with tokens

Securely exchange data with tokens

Authorization you can trust

Authorization you can trust

Deploy in a private or hybrid environment

Deploy in a private or hybrid environment

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