eBook: API Security

eBook: API Security

We cover the most critical aspects of securing APIs and microservices, managing identities and access, and utilizing standards like OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, and SCIM.

API Security for the Modern Enterprise

In recent years, APIs have grown to be essential to the digital strategy of a modern organization. To ensure that digital assets are securely distributed and privacy is maintained at all times, proper access management control needs to be in place. Keeping APIs and the data provided safe and only available to the intended user is a must.

With end-users accustomed to moving through digital systems friction-free, supplying them with an efficient identification and authorization process has never been more important. By embedding identity information in tokens, you can simplify the access control decisions made in many different places throughout your architecture.

Table of Contents:

  • The API Security Maturity Model
  • API Security: Deep Dive into OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Using OAuth Within Microservices
  • Coarse Grained Authorization Using Scopes
  • Claims Based Authorization Using OAuth
  • Securing APIs in a Cloud Native Environment
  • Standardized User Management with SCIM

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