Curity Extends its Commitment to Open Source

Curity Extends its Commitment to Open Source

Curity is a big believer in open source software and has always been committed to the availability of code. We have demonstrated this over the years with bug reports, patches, and feedback to the open source community. Many code examples and significant parts of the Curity Identity Server are also available openly. For instance, the new DynamoDB data source was published on GitHub in August. We also released an early version of our WebAuthn authenticator a year ago, garnering feedback and experience before recently bundling it with our product. Additionally, we have and will continue to be a proud supporter of the Apache Foundation.

Besides these contributions, we are pleased to announce that Curity has renewed its commitment to Azul by extending our agreement for another three years, allowing us to continue shipping a wholly-supported version of the OpenJDK. At the same time, Curity has also entered into a three-year contract with Webtide, the innovative and dedicated team behind the renowned Eclipse Jetty project, to support our use of their Web server in our product. Moreover, Curity has engaged OpenSSL Software Service, Inc. (OSS) to support our use of OpenSSL.

With the support of OSS, Curity has upgraded to version 3 of this important cryptographic library and will begin shipping OpenSSL for the first time in version 6.7 of the Curity Identity Server. This will simplify customer deployments by removing the need for the final remaining third-party dependency that is required to run our product. In Q1 2022, upgrades are also planned for Jetty to version 12 and Java to version 17. With Webtide’s and Azul’s support, these upgrades are expected to be painless for customers while simultaneously offering new features and protections.

We are pleased to continually expand our commitment to open source; we hope that these additional financial contributions coupled with our time and code will help many others. We also look forward to extending our commitment in the future in every way possible. It’s through such openness that we will make the internet a safer place!

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