Deploying the Curity Identity Server

Deploying the Curity Identity Server

This course is all about concepts and best practices for deploying the Curity Identity Server. It covers aspects such as the deployment architecture, configuration management or life cycle management including backup, recovery and upgrade.

Course outline

Session 1: Deployment Essentials

This session introduces the essential concepts of the Curity Identity Server. Topics covered are:

  • Getting Started with a Docker Image
  • Running the Curity Identity Server in Cluster
  • Handling the Configuration and Customization During Deployment
  • Creating a Custom Docker Image

Session 2: Deployment Concepts

This session explains deployment concepts of the Curity Identity Server that enable simple or complex setups. Topics covered are:

  • The Curity Identity Server in Kubernetes
  • Profiles, Services and Service Roles
  • Endpoints and Base-URL

Presented by:

Judith Kahrer

Judith Kahrer

Product Marketing Engineer at Curity

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