The Neo-Security Architecture

The Neo-Security Architecture

A blueprint for securing and asserting legitimate access to APIs and digital services.

The efficiency and security of digital services and applications play an essential role in business success. With the continued rise of the API economy and the importance of building secure services, this white paper describes Neo-Security Architecture principles and the way it can provide a blueprint architecture to map new and existing systems.

However, this rapid rise in API use raises challenges. First, it is the dramatic increase in significant data breaches caused by broken, exposed, or hacked APIs. Secondly, as businesses expand, security architecture needs to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances. Implementing a Neo-Security Architecture approach means changing standards, more complexity or greater authentication requirements can be implemented securely and in a timely manner.

To address these threats and development tasks, it is necessary to build a solid platform that must be secure and, at the same time, highly scalable. To do this, you need to design and build your API security infrastructure and standard protocols into a coherent and modular architecture. This is the Neo-Security Architecture.

This whitepaper presents the basic concepts and principles of the Neo-Security Architecture. It will be useful for all readers interested in securing digital services, no matter how big or small the organization.

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