Webinar: Adaptive Authentication in OAuth Using Geo-location Data

Webinar: Adaptive Authentication in OAuth Using Geo-location Data

Join Curity's Travis Spencer in a webinar on April 22nd, when he'll show how geo-location data can be integrated into simple OAuth and OpenID Connect clients and set up adaptive authentication. In order to provide a safe login experience, more adaptive login methods are often needed. Applications integrated with the Curity Identity Server using OAuth and OpenID Connect can now accomplish this using geographical data.

This geo data can be used to take customer-configured actions depending on whether or not the user is logging in from a new country, a different country, a forbidden country, or has made an impossible journey. It is also helpful to consider this geo data when determining which authentication methods should be available to the user.

After attending this Webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of how they can start leveraging geo data to make more intelligent login decisions without the need of code.

More information and registration here.

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