Region Jönköping County Continues to Leverage Curity for Centralized Identity Management

Region Jönköping County Continues to Leverage Curity for Centralized Identity Management

Region Jönköping County has extended its arrangement with Curity to continue using Curity Healthcare Solutions™ for secure access to APIs, apps and systems. Operating healthcare centers, clinics and three major hospitals located in Southern Sweden, Region Jönköping County leverages the Curity Identity Server to provide all its users with secure, fast, dependable medical data access that adheres to stringent healthcare information security and privacy regulations.

With the Curity Identity Server, the county has established a central identity management solution that ensures consistent access security to a wide range of applications across its many centers, clinics and hospitals. Curity supports single sign-on (SSO) with a variety of multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods making it easy for healthcare providers to log into the systems they need quickly and securely.

“We’ve been using the Curity Identity Server since 2016,” says Johnny Hjelmek, administrative manager of infrastructure for Region Jönköping County. “It continues to give us an identity management platform that is straightforward to operate and provides us with full control over the sensitive personal and health data we manage.”

The Curity Identity Server enables the technical team to streamline development and maintenance across all locations. It also allows the team to consistently enforce medical data regulatory requirements throughout the healthcare system. Plus, high uptime ensures dependable data availability, a critical requirement in the life-saving scenarios the staff sometimes faces.

“Region Jönköping County’s decision to continue using Curity for the long-term demonstrates how we support our customers’ success in sectors with rigorous security demands,” Travis Spencer, Curity CEO says. “They are an excellent example of an organization using our technology to deliver large-scale identity management in a high stakes environment.”

About Region Jönköping County

Region Jönköping County is the sixth largest region in Sweden. It operates healthcare services in Eksjö, Jönköping and Värnamo that are characterized by quality in healthcare and long-term system-wide improvement. The county provides healthcare to the 365,000 inhabitants of Jönköping County in southern Sweden at three hospitals and 40 primary care clinics.

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