Curity Product Updates Continue to Advance API Security and Identity Management

Curity Product Updates Continue to Advance API Security and Identity Management

Curity continues to drive innovation in protecting identity information, websites, applications and APIs against unauthorized access and cyber threats. Since introducing the award-winning Curity Identity Server in 2015, the company has consistently made strides in helping organizations maintain high levels of security while simultaneously delivering positive, brand-building login and user account access experiences.

“Cyber threats are continually increasing, new applications and digital services are constantly being launched, and online behaviors are always changing,” Travis Spencer, CEO of Curity describes. “This dynamic reality requires a relentless focus on pushing technology forward to address often-overlooked security vulnerabilities, like API access, and to enable nimble development that can adapt and keep pace.”

Curity’s recent announcement of the 9.0 version of the Curity Identity Server joins a steady cadence of product updates at the forefront of creating new capabilities for online identity management and API access security.

The Curity Identity Server 9.0 release includes the OpenID Wallet Authenticator, a major milestone that makes it possible for organizations to provide customers with the convenience of using digital wallets to gain access to online services, products and information. This capability is representative of the groundbreaking work that Curity is doing to help organizations adapt to the shift away from centralized identity management to the decentralized paradigm in which the user provides verifiable identity credentials.

In prior product version updates, Curity unveiled innovative features designed to support infrastructure modernization that aligns with evolving user behaviors. For instance, passkey authentication helps organizations migrate from passwords to stronger security methods. Plus, Curity’s patent-pending Hypermedia Authentication API (HAAPI) enables browserless authentication to support customized user experiences on native mobile devices. Moreover, the Curity Identity Server allows organizations to manifest token-based architectures for efficient, highly secure user authentication across multiple APIs. This is made even simpler and safer using Curity’s token handler that provides a solution for securing single-page applications (SPAs).

Curity also released high-grade security advancements for organizations in industries with rigorous data security standards like banking and healthcare. The Curity Identity Server, for example, adheres to the OpenID Connect FAPI 2.0 Security Profile, and the product recently won the 2024 DEVIES Award for innovation in the Financial category.

Additionally, a main principle behind the Curity Identity Server is enabling easier, faster development with standards-based technologies and code-less implementation. Consequently, product updates regularly feature new developer functionality such as token procedure plugins that enable development teams to test customized tokens.

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