OAuth Tools Reaches Version 3.5

OAuth Tools Reaches Version 3.5

The Curity team has just released OAuth Tools version 3.5, packed with exciting new features that allow API developers to explore the inner workings of the OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols deeper than before.

Here's a glimpse of what's new:

Dark Mode

Say hello to dark mode! OAuth.Tools now offers a sleek and stylish dark theme, providing a more comfortable viewing experience, especially in low-light environments.

oauth-tools-dark-mode-web (1)

Interactive JWT Creation Flow

The JWT Creation flow is more interactive, making it easier than ever to generate JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for your authentication needs.

Enhanced JWT Creation Options

The JWT Creation flow now supports JWT types to help with optional or required claims for each type.

Rich Authorization Requests

Version 3.5 introduces support for Rich Authorization Requests in Code flow and Hybrid flow, enabling richer interactions between clients and authorization servers.

Verifiable Credential Issuance Demo Flows

Explore the new Verifiable Credential Issuance demo flows in the Curity Playground workspace.

Experience these exciting features and more by visiting the OAuth Tools website or download it here.

Happy experimenting!

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