New report from Curity: Plotting the Roadmap for Digital Identity

New report from Curity: Plotting the Roadmap for Digital Identity

The new report from Curity - Plotting the Roadmap for Digital Identity - offers insight on the adoption of digital identity solutions.

To better understand the rapidly changing digital identity landscape, we surveyed 200 IT decision makers (ITDMs) in the UK and US as well as 1000 consumers.

Among other things, the research revealed that 60% of organizations surveyed expect digital identity to have a transformative impact on their industry, with financial services (89%) and health (86%) seen as industries set to benefit most from the latest innovation in this area according to ITDMs. The report also revealed that currently 42% of US organizations are utilizing digital identity solutions and only 21% have no plans to introduce such solutions compared to 28% of UK organizations where 37% have no such plans. The rate of digital wallets adoption among consumers however differs only slightly - 60% in the US and 58% in the UK.

Another key area of the research was the concept of decentralized identity and its potential to transform the verified identity landscape. According to findings, 62% of US and 52% of UK firms have plans to incorporate new and emerging decentralised identity solutions.

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