New Java Meetup Scheduled: Write once, run anywhere, again!

On August 22nd, Curity will host a new Java Meetup together with Oracle, at their office on Söder Mälarstrand 29 in Stockholm.

The event is free but registration via is required. We will serve light dinner and drinks from 5:30 pm, and later we will have three speakers presenting. Firstly, Matthew Gillard, Java and Clojure Programmer at Oracle, will talk about "Java and Serverless – A Match Made In Heaven". Matthew will share some ideas about why Java has not caught on so much with serverless fans and what the future holds. Claes Redestad, JVM Performance Engineer at Oracle will then continue on the same topic. Lastly, Renato Athaydes, Software Developer at Curity, will talk about "Running Java As A Native Application with GraalVM". Renato will talk about what GraalVM is, what is can be used for, and the new exciting possibilities it brings to the Java world.

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