Meet us at Identiverse

Meet us at Identiverse

We are pleased to announce that Curity is sponsoring the Identiverse conference taking place in Denver, Colorado, on June 21-24.

Meet us in booth 1114 to talk about identity and API security. Also, make sure to catch Jonas Iggbom's sessions.

The first talk - Scalable API Security Using OAuth - will take place on June 23 in the Tech Theatre. Jonas will explore a standards-based approach using protocols like OAuth and OpenID Connect, highlighting patterns to scale APIs while keeping things simple.

On June 24, don't miss the second talk - Financial-Grade Security: Not Just for Banks. In the session, Jonas will explain how profiles of OpenID Connect can be used by non-financial technology companies and other organizations that want to deliver trustworthy and safe API security. Participants will learn how to protect high-value data, strengthen API security, reduce risk, and design robust authentication that complies with regulation.

You can register for the event here. See you there!