New Release: Curity Identity Server 9.0

New Release: Curity Identity Server 9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of a new major version of the Curity Identity Server! Release 9.0 contains several exciting new features, enhancements and fixes.

Here are some of the highlights:

OpenID Wallet Authenticator and Demo Wallet

curity-release 9-0

A major milestone in this release is the OpenID Wallet Authenticator, a new authenticator that can verify OpenID Verifiable Credentials when presented from a wallet.

To enable you to experiment with the OpenID Wallet Authenticator, we have also released a demo wallet that can be configured to communicate with your Curity Identity Server. It allows users to both save credentials in the wallet and present them to the new authenticator. The wallet can be found here - check it out.

Password Policies

This release finalizes the Password Policies feature, no longer in experimental status. It comes with an updated database schema for accounts and credentials and a migration mode to transition to this new schema over time.

Java 21

In line with Curity's commitment to keep dependencies current, the Java platform that the product uses has been upgraded to version 21, the newest long-term supported option. This enables plugins to be written using Java 21, and presents the possibility for some new innovations planned for the product. It has also resulted in performance improvements.

DPoP-protected Refresh Tokens for Hypermedia Authentication API on Android

Finally, the new release features the completed DPoP protection of refresh tokens for the Hypermedia Authentication API (HAAPI). By adding support for this in the Android SDK, that toolkit now has feature parity in this regard with the iOS SDK. This new capability can help strengthen the security of mobile apps even further and can be used to solve issues with the mobile application connection and turning off the refresh token rotation.

Read the release notes for more details.

With this new major release, all 7.X versions are no longer supported. For this reason, we urge customers using those to upgrade as soon as possible.

Release Webinar


On February 16, we hosted a release webinar to explore what's new in Curity Identity Server 9.0. You can watch the recorded session here.

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