New Release: Curity Identity Server 8.5

New Release: Curity Identity Server 8.5

We are pleased to announce the release of the Curity Identity Server 8.5.

Though minor, this release contains several exciting features, enhancements and fixes.

Here are some of the highlights:

Action Bundles

The 8.5 release introduces a new feature to the authentication service - Action Bundles. This higher-level component allows customers and Curity's professional services team to compose several actions and settings into a single configuration. As of now, two bundles are included and more will be added in subsequent versions.

BankID v.6 and a new BankID Backchannel Authenticator for CIBA

BankID is updating its back-end APIs to version 6. The new API is now supported in Curity’s BankID authenticator and a new BankID Phone back-channel (CIBA) authenticator. BankID v6 enforces user-to-device proximity by restricting QR code and auto-start tokens to be used only for the same device login flows. This means that it is no longer possible to let the user only enter a personal number to start the authentication process. Curity will continue to support v5 of the API, but BankID plans to enforce this proximity check on older APIs as well. We recommend customers that are using BankID to upgrade as soon as possible.

The new BankID Phone CIBA authenticator implements a brand new API from BankID that targets customer service use cases. With this new API and authenticator, users can login with BankID when talking to a Customer Service Representative (CSR), e.g., over the phone. This new API is supported using a Client Initiated Back-channel Authentication (CIBA) flow. CIBA support is included in the financial grade package which is required to support CSR use cases using the new BankID API.

OAuth Metadata

8.5 release also introduces the OAuth metadata support. This is similar to OpenID Connect metadata which is already supported in the product. This new version is based on OAuth only. It is required for Verifiable Credentials Issuance (VCI) that is available as an experimental feature in the product

Read the release notes for more details.

Release Webinar


On Thursday, September 28 we hosted a short webinar to explore what’s new in 8.5. You can watch the recording on the release page

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