New Release: Curity Identity Server 6.5

New Release: Curity Identity Server 6.5

We are pleased to announce the release of the Curity Identity Server 6.5. Though a minor release, it includes several new exciting features.

Support for DCR pre- and post-processing procedures

The Curity Identity Server now supports pre-and post-processing procedures on the Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) endpoint. It is now possible to configure a JavaScript procedure to run before DCR takes place and another that runs after it.

Support for encrypted JWTs (JWE)

The new release introduces the support for encrypted ID tokens, allowing for end-to-end encryption of identity data transferred to client applications. This works for both static and dynamic clients. Using this feature, deployments can achieve the highest levels of banking secrecy and reach Federation Assurance Level (FAL) 2 and 3 (as outlined in the NIST special publication 800-63-3 and the upcoming FIPS 201-3 standard).

Default masking of Trace and Debug logs

A system has been implemented to allow log message parameters to be masked or unmasked at any level. By default, any TRACE or DEBUG message that contains sensitive information is now obscured.

Read the release notes for more details.

Release Webinar


On Thursday, October 7, at 15:00 CEST we will host a short webinar to explore what’s new in 6.5. We will go through the release notes, highlighting new features, fixes and, enhancements.

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