New Release: Curity Identity Server 5.0

New Release: Curity Identity Server 5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Curity Identity Server 5.0. This is the fifth major release in the lifecycle of the Curity Identity Server and we're very excited about it.

In this release, we have introduced a Prometheus-compliant endpoint where the Prometheus monitoring tool (or others that understand this format) can obtain information about the execution of each run-time and admin node, including statistics about database performance, HTTP requests, number and severity of log message, how many SSO events have taken place, etc. This will help ensure that the execution of the product is always up and healthy.

Furthermore, we have released an open source Grafana dashboard that brings together these metrics with others, like CPU and memory usage.

To help get to the point where you're able to monitor your deployment, we have made it extremely easy for those using Kubernetes. The Kubernetes package manager, Helm, allows you to easily deploy a complex network via a single one-line command, Helm Chart on Github.


  • Prometheus-compliant monitoring endpoint for Curity-specific metrics
  • Helm chart for simplified deployment in Kubernetes
  • Grafana dashboard for easy setup of monitoring statistics


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