Curity Identity Server 4.4 released

Curity Identity Server 4.4 released

We are pleased to announce that version 4.4 of the Curity Identity Server is out. 

This release includes many fixes and features requested by customers. One of the biggest is support for a new database called CockroachDB. This database has some excellent features that can be helpful when scaling Curity’s data layer to very large levels. In the process of adding this new RDBMS, enhancements to the UI were made to simplify administration of JDBC-based databases. See the documentation for more info about working with CockroachDB.

A really important change included in this release is to the BankID authenticator. This version has been updated to use BankID’s new JSON HTTP API instead of the older SOAP service that is being decommissioned in February 2020. Customers using BankID for authentication should upgrade prior to this time in order to avoid outages.


  • CockroachDB is officially supported
  • The BankID authenticator now uses the newest JSON-based API
  • A liveliness and readiness API has been added
  • CORS support on the token endpoint has been added for public OAuth clients
  • Secondary authentication option for OAuth clients

This is just a selection of what’s new in the release, you can see the complete list of fixes and improvements in the release notes.

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