Curity selected by HealthHero to protect their core digital services

Curity selected by HealthHero to protect their core digital services

HealthHero, a digital health provider based in the United Kingdom, have chosen the Curity Identity Server to ensure that remote access by doctors and clinicians via HealthHero’s digital tools is not only simple but secure.
Utilizing the Curity Identity Server, HealthHero will consolidate its Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems and establish a scalable and reliable identity platform for their digital pan-European offering. The Curity technology will ensure user-friendly and secure login experiences for their internal users and customers through a single, central IAM platform.

Matt Sleeman, VP of Engineering, commented on HealthHero’s decision process,

“We conducted extensive research before we discovered the Curity Identity Server, and had started to doubt whether we'd find a solution that could solve our challenge. Many providers we looked at told us our demands were impossible to satisfy. Luckily, we found Curity. Their identity server offers unique flexibility and extensibility, matching all our needs.”

Curity’s CEO Travis Spencer comments,

“I'm excited to be working with HealthHero, and am proud that our product can help them facilitate secure, remote access to expert healthcare. We're really pleased that the extensive features and standards-based approach we've encoded in our product will enable HealthHero to achieve their goals.”

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