Curity Partners with CASQUE to Offer High-Grade Identity Assurance

Curity Partners with CASQUE to Offer High-Grade Identity Assurance

We are excited to announce our partnership with Distributed Management Systems Ltd (DMS), the provider of CASQUE, a multi-factor cryptographic hardware device. This partnership enables the companies to jointly help organizations reach high-grade identity assurance and financial-grade API security.

The CASQUE authenticator provided by DMS adds to a long list of trusted authenticators for the Curity Identity Server to deliver best-in-class authentication experiences that meet the needs of any app or website user. Integrating CASQUE into the Curity product will allow customers to protect their digital assets even more effectively and make their systems more secure by leveraging multiple features. This partnership and the combined technologies enable joint customers to own and control their digital identities, access policies, API security, and user privacy.

Basil Philipsz, CEO of Distributed Management Systems Ltd, comments on the partnership:

We are excited about this integration and looking forward to seeing how CASQUE’s combination with Curity’s product will enable organizations to obtain benefits that cannot be achieved otherwise.

Stefan Nilsson, CCO of Curity, adds:

We are confident that the powerful CASQUE technology integrated into the Curity Identity Server will deliver significant identity and API security that our joint customers can use to achieve their hard-to-meet requirements. This combination of products will strengthen the security of our customers’ systems.

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