Curity featured in Azul Customer Success Story

Curity featured in Azul Customer Success Story

Azul, the industry’s only company exclusively focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), has shared a customer success story featuring Curity.

“We could get Java for free, so it’s not for economic reasons that we use Zulu. Azul gives us peace of mind. Our customers need an OS; that’s it. Everything on top of that comes from us. They don’t have to worry about anything that’s in our delivery. They don’t even need to know that it includes Java. In this way, the peace of mind we get from Azul is transferred to our customers. This helps us all focus on the more important things we’re doing to make the internet safer. This is the value we get from Azul!” - says Curity's CEO Travis Spencer on the collaboration with Azul.

You can find Curity's customer success story here.

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