Curity's Michal Trojanowski and Travis Spencer Speaking at Apidays Paris

Curity's Michal Trojanowski and Travis Spencer Speaking at Apidays Paris

We are happy to announce that Curity is participating in the apidays Paris conference on December 6-8, 2023.

On December 6, at 16:55, our identity expert Michal Trojanowski will lead a workshop on enhancing API security and privacy through hardening the access token. The workshop will highlight solutions that clients and authorization servers can use to make the access token more resilient to attacks.

On December 7, at 11:40 AM, Curity's CEO Travis Spencer will present in the New API Security Stack track - A Maturity Model for Increased API Security. In his talk, Travis will summarize the API security maturity model and the different levels. Attendees will be presented with information to help them achieve high API security, even military-grade.

At 16:40, in the API security track, Michal Trojanowski is giving a talk on securing microservice-based APIs. In the session, he will discuss how to secure APIs in a large API ecosystem, common security issues and how to address them by proper handling of OAuth tokens and utilizing features that OAuth offers.

Finally, on December 8, at 11:15, in the API Sec University Conference track, Travis Spencer will lead a session on API Authentication Overview and Advice.

Also, come by the Curity booth to say hi, get some swag, and learn how modernizing the approach to IAM and API security can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Learn more and register for the apidays here.

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