Meet Curity at apidays New York

Meet Curity at apidays New York

We are excited to announce that Curity is a gold sponsor of the apidays New York conference on April 30 - May 1, 2024. Curity's Jonas Iggbom and Travis Spencer will lead several sessions, see details below:

  • April 30th, 50-minute workshop, Room Venture 1, at 12:20 PM - Enhancing API Security and Privacy Through Hardening the Access Token - hosted by Jonas Iggbom. Attendees will learn why access tokens play an essential role in API security and get practical knowledge on how to increase resilience against attacks and protect valuable data.

  • May 1st, 25-minute session, Room Capital, at 12:30 PM - API Authentication Unbroken - How to Achieve the Highest Level of API Security. In this talk, Jonas Iggbom will explore ways authentication is handled in APIs and what you can do to make your APIs more secure.

  • May 1st, 25-minute session, Room Venture 2, at 2:10 PM - Don't Let API Growth Become a Security Risk . In this session, Travis Spencer will discuss why unsecured APIs are a risk and explain how to prevent unauthorized access and keep users safe using a zero trust approach built around identity.

We hope you catch Curity's sessions and swing by Curity booth to say hi, get some swag, and learn why identity is so critical in API access control.

Learn more and register for apidays New York here.

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