Curity 3.4.1. Released

We are happy to announce that version 3.4.1 of the Curity Identity Server has been released. The latest version contains performance updates and bug fixes that we believe you will find useful. The main update being the pooling of HTTP Clients, which will increase throughput when connecting to downstream services.


  • Outbound HTTP connections are now pooled for better performance. HTTP clients can be configured to use a connection pool, making frequent HTTP requests to the same server much more efficient.

  • A new crypto trust root setting has been added. A new truststore has been added (SignerTrustCryptoStore) in order to separate the trusted roots used to verify a signature of an upstream authentication provider from the ones used to setup SSL connections.

  • Session management during authentication has been updated.

You can see the complete list of fixes and improvements in the release notes.

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