Early Release Chapters of Upcoming Book by Curity Now Available

Early Release Chapters of Upcoming Book by Curity Now Available

Compliments of a Curity sponsorship, three chapters of the upcoming O’Reilly book, Cloud Native Data Security with OAuth: A Scalable Zero Trust Architecture, are now available to readers. The chapters are being released in advance of the published book to give audiences an opportunity to start learning how OAuth can be used in cloud environments to strengthen data security.

The book is written by three members of the Curity team, Gary Archer, Judith Kahrer, and Michal Trojanowski. The authors draw on their extensive experience teaching about secure authentication and API access. They provide readers with a deeper understanding of OAuth’s little-known architectural benefits and how it can be used to build or update a zero trust architecture. This knowledge is key to helping organizations realize the full benefits of OAuth in securing cloud-native environments.

The content covers a sequential journey from the viewpoint of developers and organizations building digital solutions. It provides theoretical context along with practical guidance that enables the intended audience, including developers and architects, to implement proven and tested security designs that establish API-first security in support of business outcomes.

The early release chapters are available for free download here.

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