Christmas is the season for giving

Christmas is the season for giving

This year has been unusual in a lot of ways and difficult for many.

Our support to the Swedish Cancer Society remains. It is a charity that is very close to our hearts. They do incredibly important work and fund vital cancer research projects. If you want to give the gift of giving this Christmas, go to – or a charity of your choice.

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This year we have chosen to support two more charities, that are important to our team and loved ones, and do critical work for children and their families:

Lilla Barnets Fond support vital research and development related to premature babies. Their work help increasing the odds of these vulnerable little ones. You can read more about their work and how you can support the foundation on their website


Operation Smile creates solutions that deliver safe surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Their work is especially important in the regions, where a cleft condition can be fatal or, if a child survives, is heavily stigmatized which can lead to bullying and social isolation. Learn more about their work here.


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