Cabonline Selects Curity to Increase Customer Login Security and Convenience

Cabonline Selects Curity to Increase Customer Login Security and Convenience

Cabonline, a strong tech-driven taxi and transport company, is taking its customer login experiences to the next level through a collaboration with Curity, a leading provider in API security and identity management. By integrating the Curity Identity Server, Cabonline will not only bolster the security of its digital services and applications across its acclaimed brands but also streamline the login process for customers, employees, and partners in alignment with stringent regulatory standards. Ensuring an industry-level standard when it comes to identity and security is essential for a company such as Cabonline, especially given its extensive involvement in the public sector. This collaboration marks a significant step in elevating digital security in the transportation sector.

Cabonline is also leveraging Curity’s Professional Services for implementation support. The Curity Identity Server will be extended using the product’s standard APIs and SDK to address Cabonline’s particular needs, paving the way for API-driven technology advancements that further the company’s competitive stance.

“There are multiple tenets to our business model,” Jacob Segerheim, Cabonline CTO explains. “Curity’s unified identity platform will simplify identity management and application access throughout our expansive ecosystem while also strengthening our security. Curity will make it possible for us to optimize the user experience plus streamline management on the backend.”

“We look forward to helping Cabonline evolve their identity management infrastructure to a new level of security and efficiency,” Curity CEO Travis Spencer says. “We are excited that they have chosen to leverage our experience in establishing nimble authentication and access capabilities.”

About Cabonline Group Cabonline is the leading taxi company in the Nordic region with ~2,600 connected transporters and ~5,000 vehicles in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Cabonline operates a series of well-known brands, such as Flygtaxi, TaxiKurir, Norgestaxi, TOPCAB, Kovanen, Taxi Skåne, Umeå Taxi, Sverigetaxi and Taxi 4x27. Through Cabonline, transporters have access to attractive customer agreements, support from industry-leading technology and efficient services where shared infrastructure delivers economies of scale. In 2022, Cabonline’s revenue was approximately SEK 5.5 billion. For further information, visit

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