Travis Spencer

Travis Spencer

Travis has worked extensively with organizations in various industries in both the US, Europe, and elsewhere who are adopting cloud and mobile computing. His broad market exposure coupled with a background in application development allows him to help organizations with low-level technical issues as well high-level questions. His deep knowledge of legacy standards like SAML, WS-* and XACML coupled with current best practices like REST, SCIM, OpenID Connect and OAuth provides him with a unique and cutting edge perspective on digital identity and access management.


Curity's Rapid Response to Log4Shell Vulnerability

4 min read

A timeline of how the Curity team responded to the Log4Shell vulnerability to ensure the safety of the customers' deployments.

FIPS 201 Is Changing

2 min read

FIPS 201-3 is expected to be ratified very soon. To help you make sense of this update and to prepare, we have published and updated a few resources:

Open Banking Brazil (OBB)

Open Banking Brazil Status Update and Short-Term Roadmap

4 min read

It’s exciting times in the financial industry, and the work that Open Banking Brazil (OBB) is doing is pushing many industries and geographies forward.

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