Gary Archer

Gary Archer

Gary is a Product Marketing Engineer at Curity. For 20 years, he worked as a Lead Developer and Solutions Architect, providing investment banking solutions. He was often involved in software foundations such as hosting and non-functional requirements and explaining them to others. He's played a key technical role in OAuth migrations and understands the benefits for companies as well as the challenges. Gary is also very interested in the best options for connected systems via the latest technologies and patterns, where security is an essential factor.


Token Handler: The Single Page Application’s New BFF

7 min read

How do you solve the conflict between Single Page Applications running smoothly and end-users receiving the best customer experience in the browser?

Hosting APIs in Multiple Re

Hosting APIs in Multiple Regions

4 min read

Many companies today want to host their software in multiple regions, which may sometimes be necessary to do business in new markets. How best to do this?

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