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Deploy on Any Platform

The Curity Identity Server can be deployed in any environment and fits easily into your CI/CD pipelines with its multi-faceted management capabilities. With ready-made Docker images and Kubernetes Helm charts, you can have a Curity cluster setup in a few minutes – with linear auto-scaleability and without inter-node dependencies.


Deploy on-premise or in the Cloud

The Curity Identity Server works and can be deployed in any environment.

Deploy and manage on your own servers

One Premise
On Premise NodeCurity Identity Server
On Premise NodeCurity Identity Server
On Premise NodeCurity Identity Server

For full control and time savings we recommend running the Curity Identity Server on-premise. This is especially useful if you experience bursty traffic patterns.

Scalable Identity Management

The Curity Identity Server is built to scale. With its unique configuration system, the Curity cluster scales linerarly with no inter-node dependencies.

Scalable identity management

Easy to Deploy

Ready-made Docker Images on Docker Hub

Run in AWS, Azure, GCP or your own data center

One-line command to deploy in Kubernetes


Simple to package and deploy with Helm Charts

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that allows developers and operators to more easily configure and deploy applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Simplified management of Kubernetes

Integration with any Kubernetes network manger for tighter security

Less configuration code

Simplified cluster setup

Version upgrades and rollbacks

Built-in elasticity

Install with Helm
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Monitoring and Metrics

Monitor the health of your Curity Cluster. Ready-made integrations with Prometheus and Grafana.

Read more about monitoring

Run on Your Preferred Infrastructure

Already have a cloud provider or infrastructure? You can run the Curity Identity Server in any environment so it can easily fit into your existing infrastructure.


Get Started Using Docker

docker run -it -e PASSWORD=<admin_user_password> -p 6749:6749 -p 8443:8443 curity.azurecr.io/curity/idsvr
Get started using Kubnernetes and Helm

Get Started Using Kubernetes and Helm

helm repo add curity https://curityio.github.io/idsvr-helm/ \
&& helm repo update \
&& helm install --name <release-name> curity/idsvr --set curity.config.password=<admin_user_password>
See Curity Identity Server in action

See Curity Identity Server in action

In this demo, we give you a comprehensive overview of the Curity Identity Server. What it is and what problems it helps you solve.

Watch Demo

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