Deploy the Curity Identity Server on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Deploy the Curity Identity Server on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


This article outlines how to deploy the Curity Identity Server on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or more specifically on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) using the Curity Helm Chart.


Create a project

A project is needed. Create one or use an existing one. To get a list of available projects: text gcloud projects list

Set the default project: text gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID

Create a Kubernetes Cluster

Create a Kubernetes Cluster that the Helm Chart can be deployed to. The following commands should serve as an example for how a cluster could be created.

gcloud container clusters create curity-cluster --zone us-west2-a

Example output (truncated for readability): text NAME LOCATION MASTER_VERSION MASTER_IP curity-cluster us-west2-a 1.15.12-gke.2 Take note of the NAME and LOCATION.

Connect to the Kubernetes cluster: text gcloud container clusters get-credentials curity-cluster --zone us-west2-a

This should result in the following response text Fetching cluster endpoint and auth data. kubeconfig entry generated for curity-cluster.

The Kubernetes cluster should now be ready for the deployment of the Helm Chart. Follow the instructions in the Install the Curity Identity Server with Helm.

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