Upgrading from 6.5.X to 6.6.0

There are no changes to the database schema, SDK, or the configuration model in this version. As a result, it should be possible to upgrade without explicit action. Some changes were made that can be important to know about when upgrading, however. These are described below.

Relaxation of DN Certificate Validation

Version 6.4.0 changed the way that the Distinguished Name (DN) of certificates was validated. In that version, RFC 2253 was followed instead of the method defined in deprecated RFC 1779. This has been relaxed and now both methods are checked. First, the method defined in RFC 2253 is attempted, and, if the DNs are not equivalent, the method defined in RFC 1779 will be used. If this relaxation is not desired, the system property se.curity:identity-server:strict-dn-comparison can be set. In such a case, only the newer method will be used.

Changed Default for Maximum Number of Request Threads

The maximum number of request threads was previously 500, this has been changed to 100 to not cause thread thrashing. To set it back to a larger number simply change the setting thread-count/maximum in the configuration..