Upgrading from 6.1.X to 6.2.0

Upgrading the XML Configuration

Description Applicability Change Method
WebAuthn authenticator added Authenticators in authentication profiles Manual

WebAuthn authenticator added

A built-in WebAuthn authenticator has been introduced. This authenticator uses the same implementation type as the WebAuthn plugin published on GitHub, and will therefore cause a conflict if the latter is not removed before upgrade. If no WebAuthn authenticator plugin has previously been applied and configured, no actions are required.

If the GitHub WebAuthn plugin is currently in use; to avoid conflicts, perform the following actions before upgrade:

  • Remove all WebAuthn authenticators from the configuration.
  • Locate and delete the webauthn-authenticator-*.jar from $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/plugins/<PLUGIN_GROUP>. If this is the only plugin in the encasing plugin group directory, this directory can be safely deleted altogether.

Logging of BankID messages

The BankID client was moved to the io.curity package, which means that the name of the logger that logs BankID messages changed to io.curity.identityserver.plugin.authenticators.bankid.client.BankIdClient. Any logging configurations using the previous logger name should be updated.