Upgrading from 4.4.X to 4.5.0

Version 4.5.0 contains a few small changes to template and messages files. No configuration, database schema or SDK changes were made. The Axiomatics authorization manager is deprecated in this version.

Net iD Access authenticator

The Net iD Access authenticator has been updated to allow identifier types other than the swedish personal number. As a consequence, the template and message files were updated with the changes needed. If the authenticator hasn’t been customized, no action needs to be taken.

Renamed directory

The directory $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/templates/core/authenticator/netidaccess/enter-personalnumber was renamed enter-username

Updated templates

  • $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/templates/core/authenticator/netidaccess/enter-username/index.vm
  • $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/templates/core/authenticator/netidaccess/failed/index.vm

Renamed message files

The file $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/templates/core/en/authenticator/netidaccess/enter-personalnumber.properties and $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/templates/core/sv/authenticator/netidaccess/enter-personalnumber.properties was renamed enter-username.properties)

Updated message files

  • $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/messages/core/en/authenticator/netidaccess/enter-username.properties
  • $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/messages/core/en/authenticator/netidaccess/service.properties
  • $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/messages/core/sv/authenticator/netidaccess/enter-username.properties
  • $IDSVR_HOME/usr/share/messages/core/sv/authenticator/netidaccess/service.properties

Note that the file enter-personalnumber.properties was both renamed and updated.

Axiomatics Authorization Manager

The Axiomatics authorization manager, which requires a separate license to use, is deprecated in this release. It is planned for removal in the next major release.


If you are using the Axiomatics authorization manager and wish to continue using it after upgrading to the next major release, you are highly recommended to contact support and say as much.